3 ways to get your library on board with the COP26 initiative

Accelerating deep collaboration: 26 built environment climate action initiatives announced.https://buildingtocop.org/2021/11/11/accelerating-deep-collaboration-26-built-environment-climate-action-initiatives-announced-at-cop26/  While we all know in our hearts and minds, that libraries are and will forever be SO much more than buildings with books, we are, nonetheless and in actual fact, buildings with books. And those buildings, (and also the books, but we’ll look at thatContinue reading “3 ways to get your library on board with the COP26 initiative”

A flurry of green library activity

Much has been happening in the “greening libraries” space in the past few months so it’s time for a bit of a roundup of highlights. IFLA ENSULIB – from SIG to Section Early this year the IFLA ENSULIB SIG (Environment, Sustainability and Libraries) was officially recognised as a new IFLA section. Although only 40 applicationsContinue reading “A flurry of green library activity”

5 favourite ways to combat climate anxiety

For R U OK Day today we’re bringing you five ways to deal with climate anxiety. Climate anxiety is a real thing and it particularly affects young people. We hear figures like Christiana Rivett-Carnac and Tom Figueres present in their book The future we choose, that sea levels have risen more than 20 centimetres andContinue reading “5 favourite ways to combat climate anxiety”

W.E.I.R.D steps to a greener library

Weeding magazines and rehoming them It may surprise you to know that as more libraries have their magazines available online, hardcopy magazines have become a rare and valuable commodity. A short while ago my library weeded out some gardening and other magazines, and offered them to a local primary school. The art teachers were overjoyedContinue reading “W.E.I.R.D steps to a greener library”

Top 5 things you didn’t know you could recycle

It’s Plastic Free July and what better time to talk about recycling. As Rebecca Prince-Ruiz, founder of Plastic Free July points out in her book Plastic free, only 9% of plastics ever get recycled. Let’s face it. Recycling can be complicated. Which thing goes in which bin? It’s also easy to think that something can’tContinue reading “Top 5 things you didn’t know you could recycle”

4 reasons to feel exuberance about the future

It can be a constant challenge to find and maintain any measure of cheerfulness in the face of a seemingly unstoppable avalanche of bad news when it comes to our little blue planet. I am often reminded of various apocalyptic movies where tortured weeping is the only human sound emitting from a scorched and scarredContinue reading “4 reasons to feel exuberance about the future”

Ideas to make you shout “SNAP!”

Thinking about environmentally conscious actions you take at home, and whether they are transferable and achievable in our GLAMs?   Here are just a few ideas to get you started, and to make you shout SNAP!, BINGO! or even EUREKA! if that’s your thing.  Recycling: the bare minimum – paper, cans and glass Have you ever considered removing the bins beside desks andContinue reading “Ideas to make you shout “SNAP!””

4 ways to turn your obsession with sustainability into a happy Easter

Easter, like Christmas, is a time of excess but this doesn’t mean you can’t turn it into an exercise in sustainability. We’ve got 4 tips for you to make Easter more sustainable and less indulgent. But don’t worry, we still allow for chocolate and hot cross buns! Recycle the foil from your Easter eggs DidContinue reading “4 ways to turn your obsession with sustainability into a happy Easter”

3 tips to maintain sustainability when life keeps changing

This has been a crazy 12 months. While we all collectively lived through the ongoing COVID pandemic, the additional life changes I personally experienced were changing my career trajectory (hello to everyone in the information world!), starting a new job, buying and moving into my first property, and now awaiting the birth of my firstContinue reading “3 tips to maintain sustainability when life keeps changing”

3 ways to remain true to your goals, like The Dread Pirate Roberts (AKA Westley) from The Princess Bride

Being tasked to write a sustainability BLOG post with the inspiration of ‘Pirate’ is unsusual.  I struggled with how to link pirates back to the goals of the ALIA Sustainable Libraries Group and to sustainability in general.  But then, inspiration struck via my favourite movie – The Princess Bride (apologies to those who have notContinue reading “3 ways to remain true to your goals, like The Dread Pirate Roberts (AKA Westley) from The Princess Bride”

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