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Sustainable Spring has Sprung! 3 ways to promote Sustainability in Spring

1. Shout about it! Last week I was so pleased to read an article on the Fifth Estate about how Millennials are driving sustainability through their choices of home buying or building. Sustainability gathers pace with millennials buying homes. If they are buying a new home, they want all the sustainable green happenings and they are prepared to pay a bit more to get it. If buying an established home, especially an older one, they are examining all retro fit opportunities to bring that building up to scratch in terms of renewables and sustainability. Interestingly, Millennials see this expense and time as an investment for the longevity and value of their asset, as well as wanting to do a better thing. This is just one example of a leap towards sustainability that I am happily SHOUTING about to all and any who will listen. Getting excited and talking about all the positive steps forward is equally as important as alerting those around us to the perils of doing nothing.

Clyde Mews are made from recycled bricks and timber, and designed according to passive heating and cooling principles.

2. Spring often means giving the home a good clean up. A time to bring the mattress’s outside for an airing and a bash with the broom stick, wash the curtains, scrub the walls etc. By choosing to use sustainable and organic products for our Spring clean, like vinegar, borax, biocarb soda, lemons etc., we are protecting our local water ways, local environment, our own health and local fauna and flora. There are literally millions of recipes for natural cleaners online, and thousands of books on the subject. What an excellent idea for a library display?

Think about your choice of Spring cleaning products.

3. Start thinking about your Christmas travel plans now! Depending on where you are and where you wish or have to be, sustainable travel in Australia can be tricky. Let’s face it, there’s not likely to be a solar powered flight service from North Queensland to Southern New South Wales any day soon. However, even if we have to use flights due to time constraints, once we are at a destination, we can explore sustainable and socially conscious activities and stays that provide income for locals and are more likely to protect the natural environment they are promoting. And, if you do have time to enjoy not just the holiday but the journey as well, consider travelling by train. Australia has some of the world’s most scenic rail journey, providing an opportunity to truly de-stress while on your way. Once again, great idea for a library display.

Train travelling through the Blue Mountains.

So I hope everyone gets to enjoy a lovely spring, where the weather is a little milder and the air a little sweeter.

By Donna Kellion, ALIA Sustainable Libraries Group Committee Member


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