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4 ways to turn your obsession with sustainability into a happy Easter

Easter, like Christmas, is a time of excess but this doesn’t mean you can’t turn it into an exercise in sustainability. We’ve got 4 tips for you to make Easter more sustainable and less indulgent. But don’t worry, we still allow for chocolate and hot cross buns!

  1. Recycle the foil from your Easter eggs

Did you know that foils rolled up into a ball can be recycled? So get your Easter egg waste together and roll it up into a nice recyclable sphere! According to Clean Up Australia Day statistics Australians produce 540kg of household waste per person. Is it time to rethink that second Easter egg?

2. Make your own hot cross buns

No longer do you have to discard the plastic wrap on the supermarket kind. Get creative this Easter and make your own hot cross buns (without the plastic). You can find easy to make recipes on sites like Delicious and

Photo by Manny NB on Unsplash

3. Go for a picnic in the park

With (some) fine weather predicted this Easter why not take your reusable containers and picnic basket for a picnic in the great outdoors? Nothing says sustainability like spending time in nature and according to Meik Wiking in The key to happiness, it’s good for your mental health too!

Photo by Denissa Devy on Unsplash

4. Clean Up Australia!

And while you’re outside why not pretend it’s Clean Up Australia Day every day and pick up any litter you find lying about. Take pride in your neighbourhood and look out for the environment by popping any extra trash in the bin.

These are 4 sure fire ways to have a more sustainable and hopefully a happier Easter too. It’s easy to get caught up in the consumerism of the holiday season but Easter is also a time for new beginnings so make this a new beginning in your sustainability journey too!

By Anne Reddacliff, ALIA Sustainable Libraries Group committee member


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